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Online Embodied Dance Program












"Hold Yourself Together"

Do you ever have the feeling that if you fully relaxed and surrendered to the weight of gravity, letting go of tension, that you would just...


Fall Apart?

Have you ever thought that you need to “hold yourself together”? And what would be the consequence if you decided not to “hold yourself together” any more?

Would you just melt into a puddle of goo?


"This course was life changing. The pure, raw, real, sensual, messy, emotional embodiment experience of this course took me deeper in to myself and my dance than I ever thought possible." - Jay Kimber


The Raging River of Life

Or maybe  you feel that if you failed to maintain this iron grip on reality,  you would be swept up by the raging river of life and unavoidably drowned by the force of existence.


This can feel scary, and the fear of being swept into the unknown can prevent you from ever being able to fully relax, surrender, and allow yourself to be guided into trust by something greater than your mind can grasp. 


This force that is greater than your mind can grasp is also referred to as Spirit, the Universe, Intuition, the Divine, and your...


Wisdom Body

“This was one of the most life-changing & transformative experiences I have gone through. All the practices that were taught gave me permission deep dive into my own internal experience." - Janina Wenzel


Something Greater

 There is something much greater than you or me, or our physical bodies and minds, that exists in the unseen world and is the source of what we call magic, and which is always working to bring us back into alignment with our divine path and purpose - that something is your Wisdom Body.


This immersion will provide you with the tools & experiences to help you reconnect with your own Wisdom Body and


Step into Your Full Power as a Woman.

"This immersion has activated the most essential part of me that I had forgotten about." - Louise Bain

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 Is a Program for Women who are Ready to:

Rise into empowered Embodied Leadership of their Life.

Remember the ancient art of dance as prayer and ritual

Unleash the  full spectrum of human experience - Giving voice to and welcoming every expression

Learn new tools to expand their movement vocabulary and capacity to express through dance

Is this You?

"I feel infinitely grateful and blessed to have this opportunity to immerse myself and fully receive Mana’s wisdom, teachings and practices." - Minou Sadeghi

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Body Shaming,Judging and Negative Thinking

How many precious moments have you spent judging, shaming, or engaging in negative self talk about your body?


What we refer to as our body is not just a mass of biological material that we constantly have to be in battle with. 


When did we, as women, lose sight of the Truth that our bodies are magnificent altars of creation that deserve to be


Honored, Respected, and Celebrated?

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"I can say with confidence that this immersion changed my life. Anything Mana touches is imbued with deep love and reverence for the feminine, and this was no exception.” - Anastasiya Sharkova

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 Weavings of Technicolor Energy Threads

Our bodies are intricate weavings of technicolor energy threads -from ancient codes, ancestral knowledge, past and present life memory, and the seeds of creation itself. And within these threads lives deep layers of wisdom...

Beyond what the Mind can Comprehend.


“ This was the most intense and transformational experience of my life...

It’s insane how powerful embodied dance is... it can change the world. You don’t need anything else. “ - Laura Werner

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Learning To Love

Your Body Altar

When you take the time to open your inner awareness and listen deeply to your bodies, allowing this intuitive wisdom to guide your choices and actions: 


You create space for the magical & mysterious unfolding of the gifts of life to enter into reality.
You realign with your soul’s purpose, and gain the strength to choose inspired action. 

You become confident and courageous  to create the life you truly desire. 


With the right knowledge & tools - your body will become a bridge between your inner wisdom and the world around you.  Your body becomes  the  magnificent vehicle that carries the force of creation into reality.  

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